Self-paying services

Self-paid treatment is intended for patients without basic health insurance in Slovenia, foreigners and anyone who would like a shorter waiting period. Patients who will benefit from self-paid services (hereinafter: “the self-paying patients) must sign a consent before any self-paid services indicating that they are aware that they will receive a self-paid service and that they will pay the cost of the services according to the current price list.

Medicinal products and prescription glasses obtained in a private outpatient facility can not be charged to the HII (Health Insurance Institute), therefore, the costs must be borne by self-paying patients.


Patients who would like to make an appointment for self-paid health care services, can do it in the following way:

Every day, you can call the phone numbers listed below from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm or send an e-mail using the address shown next to the phone number. Contact data varies depending on what service a patient would like to make an appointment with. When making an appointment, a patient should indicate:

  • type of a desired self-paid health service, and
  • if a patient wishes, he/she can also state the name of the doctor to provide the service.


Secretariat of the Division of Surgery

T: +386 5 660 64 11

Secretariat of the Division of Internal Medicine

T: +386 5 660 65 08

Secretariat of the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

T: +386 5 660 67 01

Paediatric Division

T: +386 5 660 61 46


T: +386 5 660 63 63


T: +386 5 660 63 36


T: +386 5 660 63 35


T: +386 5 660 65 08

Cardiorespiratory office

T: +386 5 660 65 08

Department of Radiology

T: +386 5 660 64 42

Endoscopic office

T: +386 5 660 65 08

Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy

T: +386 5 660 64 68

Activity of nuclear medicine and endocrinology

T: +386 5 660 61 61


T: +386 5 660 62 67


T: +386 5 660 62 71


Every private (self-paying) patient will be informed (by electronic or regular mail) of the following:

  1. Date and time of the examination, test or procedure;
  2. Exact location where the patient should report to on the day of the examination or test (outpatient clinic, laboratory, department, etc.);
  3. Doctor who will perform the examination or medical treatment;
  4. Relevant instructions regarding the examination, test or procedure.



Examinations, tests and procedures for self-paying patients are usually carried out outside regular working hours (i.e. in the afternoons and on Saturdays and Sundays) except where this would constitute a major risk to the patient’s health (e.g. major surgery).


All the examinations and tests funded by a patient are documented in the same way as those covered by the health insurance company, and are available for further examination and printing. The documentation indicates that the payer of the service is a »private patient«.


As regards the rights, the self-paying patients enjoy the same rights as the patients who claim health services under compulsory health insurance. Priority health care treatment only applies to self-paid health care services.


After the examination, testing or procedure, a patient will receive a written result with the established medical facts usually immediately or no later than five working days after the examination, testing or procedure.


A self-paying patient must settle the financial obligations on the day the service is rendered. In case of a surgery, the patient must settle their financial obligations prior to the surgery. If the service is covered in full by the above-standard insurance, the insurance company must provide a guarantee to cover the planned services.


A self-paying patient who was not satisfied with the services can file a complaint with a person responsible for the complaints of patients in Izola General Hospital or the patients rights advocate.


The services in Izola General Hospital can also be obtained on the basis of a policy of above standard health insurance, or as a self-paying patient.

If you are a self-paying patient, you are kindly asked to bring with you a health insurance card in order to obtain more accurate data whereas in case you are a foreign national, you must have a valid identity document, and if you have concluded above standard health insurance, also a proof of this and a guarantee that the insurance company will cover the scheduled service.

Everybody who opts for a surgery as a self-paying patient receives a pro-forma invoice for the planned surgery by post after the examination. Based on the pro forma invoice a patient decides whether to undergo surgery or further diagnostic testing in our hospital.

The services provided by Izola General Hospital can be paid by bank transfer to the transaction account: IBAN SI56 0110 0603 0277 118 Banka Slovenije, BIC: BSLJSI2X or to the cashier of Izola General Hospital during working hours. The payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

The prices of surgery apply to the ASA-1 patients (without serious accompanying diseases).

For the patients with severe concomitant illnesses (ASA2 and more) the price is determined individually and is typically higher. The patient is submitted an invoice.

For surgeries and interventions which are not included in the existing table, the price is determined individually. On the basis of the recommendation of the Head of the unit where the individual surgery or procedure is performed, a pro forma invoice is issued and the price is confirmed by the Director of the hospital.

Izola General Hospital’s website contains special guidelines where all the information on the possibilities of self-paid treatment which is intended for patients without health insurance in Slovenia, foreigners and anyone who would like a shorter waiting period is given. The latest price list for self-paid services is also published on the same site.