In our hospital, we appreciate added value contributed to the hospital operations by its employees.

The primary purpose of the human resources strategy is to achieve efficient use (commitment) of all abilities (potentials) of our employees in order to meet the goal of the hospital, the expectations of our patients and financers. An important element of our HR policy is commitment and loyalty to the hospital. The business culture of the hospital emphasises ethics at work and desired behaviour, good relationships and effective communication within and outside the hospital.



Traditional hospital growth can not be achieved without new employment. Searching for and selecting new staff members is a major challenge for the hospital. A lot of time, skills and patience are invested into the process of recruitment and selection of the most suitable candidates.



The vacancies are published on the web portal of the Employment Service of Slovenia and on the website of the hospital. Candidates who wish to apply must strictly observe the deadline for the submission of applications. They must also enclose all required documents: a certificate of professional qualifications, curriculum vitae (CV), recommendations, and other evidence listed in the publication of the vacancy notice. The job application must be sent by regular mail.

In the selection process, we discuss only complete applications. The candidates who we want to get to know personally are invited for an interview which includes testing and a personal presentation. Applicants on the short list usually take psychological tests.

We always inform all candidates of the outcome in writing.