Izola General Hospital (IGH) is one of the hospitals in Slovenia which provides health care services at the secondary level. The hospital is organized in four major medical divisions, namely: Division of Surgery, Division of Internal Medicine, Division of Gynaecology and Obstetrics and the Paediatric Division, in addition to the Division of Medical Services. The mission of IGH as a public health institution is public health consideration in a broader area of Primorska. In addition to treatment in a narrower sense, IGH also organises the activities in the field of prevention, awareness raising, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

In IGH, comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical care at the secondary level of organised health care services is provided for the population of the coastal region.

We have been relying on the institution organisation which enables professional and business development taking into consideration high quality requirements regarding the treatment of patients and personal development of our employees.


The vision of the Izola General Hospital (IGH) is to become a modern health care institution comparable to similar institutions in the developed world as regards the offer and expertise.


We want to be a well-performing and friendly hospital, but at the same time also active and visible in the wider environment. In our area, we wish to provide comprehensive health care services; therefore we liaise with other entities in the health care sector. We also participate in the development and shaping of the health policy in the Primorje region and at the national level, as well as in the formulation of the national medical doctrine. We assist in health education of the population and significantly contribute to the economic, technical and social development of our region.

As the main health care facility in our area, we pay special attention to the implementation and promotion of research activities. We constantly introduce and refine new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. We also encourage and develop teaching and transfer knowledge to the employees who work at all levels of health care system. We are aware of the trends and demands in health care, and ensure continuous technological modernization of the hospital, especially first-rate professionalism of the medical and other staff.

We believe that the participation of our experts in international professional activities, encouraging organizational culture in the institution, and full respect for patients’ rights are a guarantee for success also in the third millennium.


We have been treating increasingly complex cases, perform numerous complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as medicine is becoming more and more interdisciplinary science. Furthermore, other areas of expertise are being developed. We also undertake teaching and scientific-research activities as we are also a medical teaching hospital cooperating with the pupils of the Secondary medical school and students of the Faculty of Health Sciences.