Professional work

The Pediatric Division treats acute and chronic diseases of children, which are the domain of the secondary health care treatment. Our patients are children ranging from newborns to the youth of 18 years of age.


One of the goals that guide us in the work of the Pediatric Division is quality and effective health education which is very important to a child who is growing up. With younger children, the health education is targeted at their parents. The emphasis is placed on the activities such as diet, dressing, personal hygiene, ensuring safety, ensuring adequate body temperature, providing a suitable living environment … with adolescents the health education extends to sex education, the risk of psychotropic substances, the risks involved in alcohol consumption …

Health education is often focused on the preparation for the period following the surgery, or a newly discovered disease, which may involve the emergence of allergies, celiac disease, constipation, restricted diet, anorexia … A great deal of attention is also paid to the correct application of the therapy provided to a child (inhalation, antipyretic, antibiotic therapy and methods of administration, etc.).

Health education is also performed in paediatric outpatient clinics, and is very diverse.