The first patient was admitted to the Children’s Department in July 1952. The premises were then arranged in the centre of Koper in the monastery of the Brothers of Mercy which was built in 1452. In this building, the Children’s Department stayed together with the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics and the Maternity Hospital until in 1997.

Until the independence of Slovenia in 1991, in addition to the children admitted to the department from all the three coastal municipalities, Ilirska Bistrica, Sežana, Kozina and partly from Postojna there were also children from the Croatian Istria up to Poreč. In 1972, the department admitted 1637 children.

All those years, the Children’s Department maintained one of the shortest length of stays in Slovenia.

In 1997, the department moved to the premises of Izola General Hospital. The Children’s Department of internal disciplines and the Children’s Surgery Department joined into a single Paediatric Division. The division also has its kindergarten and a hospital school.

Health care is still provided to children from all three coastal municipalities and a wider surrounding area while in summer ill children who come from Slovenia and abroad to spend holidays on the Slovenian and Croatian coast are also dealt with.

We want the stay in the department to be friendly. A lot of efforts are made to ensure quality, effective and safe health care services and satisfied users of our services when they leave us.


There are 22 beds intended for paediatric patients and 14 beds for surgical patients in the Paediatric Department. In addition, there are 17 futons for persons accompanying children during hospitalisation.

Paediatric nursing covers one of the most extensive areas. It includes the knowledge of Internal Medicine, Infectology, Neonatology, and knowledge of various surgical disciplines as well as it is aware of the particularities of various developmental stages of a child. This is the expertise a nurse needs to work with children.

Nursing care is provided in the Paediatric department, Paediatric Surgery and in all paediatric outpatient clinics. Similarly to when children are healthy also when they get ill, their parents or other close persons can always accompany them and stay with them. When a child is ill, their relatives experience different emotions such as helplessness, fear, sadness and stress. All these feelings are even stronger in the case of hospitalization. And at this point, nurses are extremely important as they understand how parents feel, and in particular they provide the child with evidence-based, high-quality and safe nursing care.

All of the above is the daily motto of our employees providing nursing care at the Paediatric Division of Izola General Hospital. And the focus is on establishing trustful relationships and communication, and on creating a positive atmosphere between all the participants. In this way, we generate a feeling of satisfaction and safety in little patients who stay in our department together with those who accompany them, and last but not least among the employees.

Pleasant and friendly environment and friendly attitude are offered to children and their parents.

Alenka Stepišnik, dr. med.


Gordana Ratoša, dipl. m. s.