Art. 54 Patient Rights Act

In order to receive safe and good quality medical care, a patient is obliged to:

  • actively participate in protecting, enhancing and restoring their own health;
  • act in accordance with the received professional instruction and the plans of medical treatment with which they agreed in a form of oral and/or written consent during a period of disease;
  • provide the competent doctor and other health-care and allied professionals with all the necessary and truthful information concerning their state of health which are known to them and are important for further medical treatment, in particular information on their current and past injuries and diseases and their treatment, diseases in the family, any allergies and any medicines that they enjoy;
  • inform health care and allied professionals of sudden changes in health status which occur


  • Right to access to health care and the provision of health care services.
  • Right to equal access and treatment in health care.
  • Right to free choice of a physician and health care service provider.
  • Right to adequate, high-quality and safe health care, right to respect of patients time.
  • Right to information and cooperation, right to make independent decisions on medical treatment.
  • Right to consider a previously expressed wish.
  • Right to the prevention and relief of suffering.
  • Right to a second opinion.
  • Right to access medical files.
  • Right to privacy and private data protection.
  • Right to address patients’ rights violations.
  • Right to free assistance regarding the exercise of patients’ rights.

If you think your rights under the Patient Rights Act have been violated, you may file a written or oral request.

In order to file a request to address the violation of patients’ rights in Izola General Hospital, turn to the responsible person.